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An inside look at your service provider.


Alan "Double A" Arce

28 years old, Alan came to Las Vegas from Mexico City when he was 8 years old. He has 8 years of experience and specializes in modern & traditional hairstyles. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, playing soccer, and watching sports while drinking 2 beers on the couch.


Josue "Sway" Valladares

28 year old Salvadoran American, by far the most handsome barber in the shop (subjective). Started cutting hair in the garage in high school and has been doing so ever since! He specializes in modern and traditional hairstyles and considers himself a Mullet Connoisseur. Outside of barbering, “El Swayz” enjoys traveling back home to the motherland. 


Jake "J. Blends" Pangelinan

20 years old, Jake is the youngest barber in the crew. Originally from California, he started cutting hair when he was 16 years old. He’s a well rounded barber specializing in all modern hairstyles. He claims to be a grill master but we’ve yet to find out. He also enjoys spending time with his family and putting his dad on blast.


Oswaldo "Oz" Mariscal

My name is Oswaldo “oz”Mariscal but people know me by Wizard. I was born in Southlake Tahoe open move to Vegas at a young age so I consider myself to be a native. As a Barber I can provide many styles of haircuts from traditional to modern. On my off time I like to enjoy The outdoors and get a little zen. Spending time with my family and friends Especially with my big booty girlfriend.


Emmett "Tuff the Barber" Tuff

25 years old, Tuff was raised in Las Vegas by way of Vallejo, California. Bringing 9 years of experience, he is highly passionate about his craft. With every cut he strives to balance what he calls the 3 elements of a great haircut "Shade, Shape, & Style." He enjoys all things health & fitness, reading, and spending time with family.

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